December 2, 2022

Disc Golf Aces

Reverse chronological order of family disc golf aces!

Research Ace on #13, part deux

August 6, 2021

Marc Moore

Has it really been 17 months since my last disc golf ace? Apparently so. Thanks COVID! Anyhoo, using my trusty yellow Wahoo, I aced #13 at Research Park again tonight with Scott Johns as witness to this amazing display of disc throwing prowess. 🙂 No pic, sadly.

Research #4 Ace – COVID Style

March 23, 2020

Marc Moore

Brazos County goes on shelter-in-place tomorrow night due to the Chinese Flu, but I scored an ace on watery hole 4 at Research tonight. Whoop!

Research Ace on #13

January 26, 2020

Marc Moore

Aced #13 at Research Park today (on a practice shot) with my new Pro Katana, a Christmas gift from my lovely wife Monica!

Research Ace on #15

November 26, 2019

Marc Moore

Finally got another ace at Research Park today on number 15. Tucker is looking a bit wild-eyed here! We jogged the first 18 holes, alternating between rolling his disc for chasing and me playing. I came around in -5 today and Tuck ran himself into the ground, as only a ...

Oaks Park Ace on #3

February 15, 2019

Marc Moore

When it rains it pours. 🙂 After 2+ years without an ace, I scored my 2nd one in a month today, hitting it on #3 at Oaks Park. I’d been close here a couple of times before, so it wasn’t a bolt of lightning. But I swear, I felt a ...

Oaks Park Ace on #1

January 29, 2019

Marc Moore

First ace in over 2 years on #1 at Oaks Park! Nearly had this one a couple of times before and finally put it in the basket!

Mitch’s First Ace

February 27, 2017


Good ol blizzard boss finally pulled it off lol. Best game I’ve had there ever I think, 4 under.

Ace at First Baptist Church in Bryan

December 17, 2016

Marc Moore

First ace in a long while, and with a lovely, lovely witness!

David’s First Ace

December 24, 2015


David scored his first ace ever on hole 4 of A&M Research Park! Went on to finish 3 under. Good round!

Oaks Park Ace

November 5, 2015

Marc Moore

Aced #5 at Oaks Park again, with a Groove this time

Ace at Oaks Park #5

August 22, 2014

Marc Moore

Aced #5 at Oaks Park for the 2nd time – sweet!

Oaks Park #4 Ace

November 13, 2013

Marc Moore

Skipped in an ace on #4 at Oaks park – all luck as this is a blind shot through the trees. Also, the Dragon really does float!

Anniversary Ace

September 23, 2013

Marc Moore

Aced #5 at Oaks Park on my anniversary and dang near had another one on #8! Must be my lucky day!

Marc’s First Ace

June 3, 2012

Marc Moore

I got my first-ever ace today at TAMU’s Research Park #1 with Mitch as a witness! It was a beautiful straight throw right between the trees. Never in doubt as the Cobra sailed straight in. Otherwise, a challenging, +2 round in 20 MPH winds. The new tee placements are a mixed ...

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