December 2, 2022

First Day of School

I don’t remember their first day of Kindergarten feeling this sad.  I was so busy/distracted with David when the boys started school that I didn’t have time or energy to feel this lonely.  When David started Kindergarten I knew the school and the teachers, plus I was busy going to school myself, no time to think about all the "What ifs."  But last night and today was different.
What if the new teachers at the new school don’t like my boys?  What if the other kids are mean to my babies?  What if they are behind because I didn’t do enough one on one last year?  What about David’s cursive handwriting, never really got around to ALL the letters?  What if Mitch and Jake are too far behind in music to keep up with the band…the 7th grade band that marches with the high schoolers during football games…here and AWAY games!!

I want to protect them from our cruel world a little longer. Is it wrong to be jealous of God? I am glad that He is there for them 24/7, that He can see and protect them no matter where they are, but sometimes I want to be there, too.  I thank God for blessing me with a loving family and I pray that He will watch over them when I can’t.  I will be there at the end of the day to bring them home where God can watch over us all, together

One thought on “First Day of School

  1. I know what you mean. It is sad, particularly after having them all to ourselves for the last 15 months. If they were a little more (read “at all”) enthusiastic about home schooling, that could have been an option.

    I remember 7th grade being the absolute worst of my school years; hopefully things will turn out better for the twins. But if not, at least we have other options for them that I don’t think our folks had for us.

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